Modern Nursery Design Tips

If you are expecting an addition to the family, or want to update your nursery for a more contemporary look, follow some simple steps to get a modern décor. Every parent wants to decorate their child’s bedroom in a way that will look good, but there are some practical considerations to take into account as well, with modern designs. There are a number of designers who focus on nurseries and rooms that are suitable for toddlers, so check them out for ideas.

Modern nursery room

Most modern designers try to provide a nursery that is suitable for a baby but that will also be a good starting point for a young child’s room, so that you don’t have to make extensive changes in a couple of years time.

Blinds And Drapes.

Getting a good night’s sleep is a problem that most new parents will be well aware of. Once you have got through night feeding, keeping you nursery dark is the key to an uneventful night. Install coordinating drapes and blinds in your nursery to keep light to a minimum.

Glam nursery room

If your baby is put to bed when the sun is still up it will help restful sleep. Equally, doubling up with drapes and blinds means that your baby is less likely to wake the minute the sun comes up. Roman blinds or Venetians work equally as well as one another. Select black out drapes to sit in front of the blinds to keep the light level down.

Fun Wall Designs.

Black tree nursery room

Moon cow theme

Nothing says you are in a child’s room like a fun mural. If you have already put up wallpaper in your nursery, don’t worry about painting over it in a bold style, or even using stencilling to give a fun and child-friendly twist. Take inspiration from nursery rhymes and children’s tales.


Blue nursery room

Grey nursery room

Something new mothers ought to consider for a baby’s room is that it will be a space in your home for feeding. Especially at night, when you are tired don’t want to venture downstairs to your living room, nursing in your child’s room is something you will want to do in comfort. Place a comfortable arm chair next to your baby’s crib and use a coordinating foot stall so that you can raise your feet. Another good tip is to have a comfortable cushion close by.

Gendered Rooms.

Pink nursery room accents

Modern nursery designs tend not to go overboard with gender these days. Girls’ rooms are no longer designed with a great deal of pink over the walls and furnishings. Instead, use soft pinks more sparingly, perhaps with a rug and some drapes, rather than turning the entire wall and floor space over to the color.

Yellow grey room

Equally, boys’ rooms tend to have some elements in powder blue, but without going overboard. Indeed the most commonly found trend for modern nurseries is to be gender neutral when it comes to color schemes. After all, grays, yellows and greens all look great in a décor designed for a baby.

Changing Mats.

Changing table nursery

When it comes to changing your baby, a floor with a simple mat is often good enough. However, there are some clever changing mats that are available nowadays. Designed so that you don’t have to bend over a long way, these mats are often made to coordinate with your choice of crib. Changing your baby at waist height is a lot easier than the floor, but the system should have some side protection so that your baby cannot roll and fall.

Cool Cribs.

Cool cribs

Modern cribs are designed to last. Ideally, your choice crib of crib will have an adjustable mattress height so that you can set it lower as your child grows. The ability to drop one, or both, sides is beneficial. Underneath the crib is always a good place to store everyday items such as diapers, but modern cribs often have some integrated drawers, which is a good idea.

Cool cribs1

Some cribs, which have a traditional style headboard at one side, are designed to become toddler beds as the child grows older. This provides a good halfway position between a crib and a proper bed. And if you are looking for a bed that is suitable for a toddler, there are many fun designs available, which will encourage your child to go to bed.

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