Vivarini animal print lamp from Formia

A lamp is one of the most versatile accessories you can include in your home’s décor. Not so long ago, a lamp was something purely functional, a piece you would use for the extra light it would provide you. With time, the functional of the lamp changed and it became an accessory mostly used for its design. Most often, designers try to combine function with aesthetics and the results are very interesting. For example, take a look at this chic Murano lamp.

Modern Murano Glass Lamp from Formia - Vivarini animal look lamps Giraffe and ZebraView in gallery

The lamp is part of a larger collection created for Murano. They are inspired by nature. In this case, the inspiration came from the zebra and itshypnotizing pattern. The zebra print was used for the bases of the lamps. They are the detail that makes these otherwise very simple accessories stand out from the rest. The lamps may feature different bases. They differ in terms of shape and size but they all share in common the print and color.

The collection includes table lamps, floor lamps and lamps that can be mounted on the wall. Gives the pattern, you could combine them with a sofa, a chair or a rug that features the same print. The zebra print would look beautiful is a simple décor, preferably darker. It’s an accessory you could include in most modern or contemporary homes, in spaces such as the living room, home office, etc. Add a chic touch to the room with the help of this accessory.