Modern Morfeo sofa from Domoninanica

Among all the other beautiful and elegant furniture pieces that have been created by the Italian company Domodinamica there’s also this unconventional and funny-looking sofa. It’s called Morfeo and it has been designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Rodrigo Torres. It’s a very unusual sofa mainly because of those lamps that are incorporated in the design. They are probably very useful and practical, but they also make this sofa look a little like an alien, since it’s also green. But this is not something bad, because even if it looks like an alien, it’s a friendly and very cozy one.

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The structure of this unusual sofa is made of flexible polyurethane resin covered with elastic fabrics. Another interesting and very practical detail is the fact that this sofa is expandable and can be easily transformed into a very comfortable bed. The dimensions of this piece are w 200 x d 90 x h 80/145 for the sofa and w 200 x d 226 x h 80/145 for the bed version.

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Certainly it has a very simple and neat design and the details that really make this sofa stand out are those funny lamps. The lamps are adjustable and provided with switches and they offer a very pleasant light for reading for example. The lamps look a little like two antennas, continuing the metaphor of the friendly alien.{found on trendir}