Modern Montana residence with a western interior

This is a beautiful ski house located in Bog Sky, Montana. Its owners are a family with young children who requested a fresh interior design. They decided to go with a western approach and they chose Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts, founding partners of the distinguished New York City interior design firm Haynes-Roberts to help them with that.

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The designers chose to create a warm and beautiful Western house with a modern touch. They collaborated closely with architect Paul Bertelli from Montana-based JLF & Associates and together they created an authentic structure that also fulfilled all the requirements of a 21st century property. The house got framing elements made from huge weathered barn timbers and the ceilings and floors were crafted using reclaimed wood planks. They also used regionally quarried stone to make a lovely fireplace.

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Because the clients and the team agreed on a simple design, it was difficult to do that with reclaimed timber and other similar materials. To do that, the team decided to strip away extraneous knee brackets, to avoid the trim and any other decorative embellishments and to simplify the staircase to a steel and glass structure. The building has a rich texture and features warm gray tones throughout.

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As for the interior design, they wanted to add a modern touch. They used 1960s and 70s pieces that were perfect when combined with the wood and stone background. The vintage pieces were the perfect choice. The furniture had simple and clean lines and features dark finishes. However, the house still needed some contrasting features. For that, the designers chose to make the light fixtures stand out.