Modern mid-century renovated home

This 4-bedroom, 3-bath house belongs to Alan and Bernadette Hallberg who chose to make it their home. However, they felt like it needed some changes to be made. The house sits in an area populated by modest wood homes with concrete-slab foundations and midcentury-modern lines that date from the 1950s and 1960s. They’ve decided to renovate their 2,500 square foot home and this is what they managed to do.

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The renovation was completed in 2011 and it started about a year before that. The cost was approximately $500.000. Even though now it looks a lot more modern, some of the original features have still been preserved as not to damage the character of the house. Even so, it becomes immediately apparent that this house is nothing like the other ones in the area.

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The entire house was wrapped with a redwood screen. The shape has been preserved but the looks have been not. The space that was originally a garage has been removed and replaced with an additional 500 square feet of living space. The kitchen has also been extended and now features a 15 foot long island. It also has stainless steel counters and brown-stained concrete floors. The house also includes a small sitting area, followed by the office and the master bedroom. As for the interior design, it’s more modern and, as a consequence, more practical and simple.{found on wsj}