Modern London Penthouse Apartment

If you are confused on how to get a good apartment in and around London city which is very well built and designed then there is only one choice. Buy apartments in London like this 2 bedroom penthouse apartment which is at the sixth floor having natural lighting and floors made out of wood and natural stone. The apartment has en-suite facilities along with a private balcony with convenient direct lift access.

Modern London Penthouse Apartment3

London apartments seem to be very popular these days. It’s probably because of the location and the conditions in that area. So here’s yet another London apartment, this time a penthouse apartment. It’s located in a nice area and it has a modern and very attractive design. It’s simple and elegant and all the room have that inviting look that a real home should have.

Modern London Penthouse Apartment2

Modern London Penthouse Apartment

Modern London Penthouse Apartment78

Modern London Penthouse Apartment7

Modern London Penthouse Apartment6

So if you’re looking for a place to stay in London, keep in mind this penthouse apartment. It’s spacious and very good-looking. The living room is the biggest room if the house. It’s very nicely decorated. The white glossy floor is a very nice detail. Along with the white walls and the white ceiling, the white floor contributes to this very elegant and uniform image.

Modern London Penthouse Apartment5

Modern London Penthouse Apartment4

 And if you also take a look at the white sofa and armchair, the image is really complete. Of course, it would look boring and sterile if it was just white all over the place, so some contrast is always welcomed. This is the role of the rug that seems particularly soft and cozy and the other details like the plants and the wood door.