Modern London Loft With A Dynamic Living-Working Space

It’s very common for homeowners to use their personal space as both a living and working environment. Although many voices say you shouldn’t bring your work at home or mix business with pleasure, I say that there’s nothing wrong with creating your own type of schedule and balancing the two as you know best. And if you want to see how a home designed for that looks like, take a look at this place.

London loft modern10

This loft can be found in Camden, London, UK and it has a total area of 56 square meters. Completed in 2013, the apartment was remodeled by Craft Design. The transformation was amazing and now this place is the perfect living and working environment for its owners.

London loft modern

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The interior design is dynamic but also casual and relaxing. The loft was originally used as an open plan office space so the idea of bringing work here was already planted.As part of the transformation, the designers wanted to maximize the sense of space and decided to choose a simple and efficient layout. They created this interesting single volume placed in the center of the loft.

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It’s detached from the ceilings and facades and it divides the whole apartment into a series of volumes, each with a different function. They include a kitchen and dining area, a living room, a storage area, a bathroom and a sleeping and working area at the mezzanine.{found on archdaily}.