Modern loft remodel by Shirry Dolgin

A remodel is always a good alternative instead of something more radical like moving out or simply continuing to live in the same old and boring apartment or house. A remodel can completely change the way a home looks and it can make it feel fresh and new again. We’ve presented you several different remodels by now but the list is far from over.

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So let’s take at yet another impressive remodel. This time it’s a loft that we honestly have no idea where is located. Nevertheless, that’s not important anyway. The loft has been remodeled and redecorated by Shirry Dolgin from A.S.D. Interiors. Shirry is a well traveled designer and award winning artist that has an eye for seeing the potential in each space. After working with several important clients, she decided, in 2004, to open her own interior design company serving clients nationwide.

Garage loft afterView in gallery

This particular loft was at first nothing but a large empty space. It had gray walls, gray floor and a gray ceiling and the atmosphere was very depressing. But the designer knew what she had to do so, after a lot of work, she managed to turn that sad place into a bright, colorful, modern, chic and very inviting loft. It’s now a very beautiful home with stylish furniture and, even though the windows seem to be missing, there are plenty of artificial lights that know how to do their job.{found on asdinteriors}