Modern Loft Interior Design Adoring the White Color Theme

White interiors are difficult to balance out because they can either seem sterile and lacking essence or they can be very fresh and delicate. This loft is very attractive and it has a lovely interior. The white color theme chosen for the design is simple but sophisticated at the same time.

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The loft measures a total of 120 square meters so it’s spacious enough to seem airy regardless of the colors chosen. However, because white is a shade that makes any space seem bigger, the apartment has a very airy and open feel and it looks even more spacious. The loft is a part of a beautiful Italian house. The ground floor measures 81 square meters and the first floor only occupies 42 square meters. Given these numbers, the layout was chosen as it follows: the living and dining areas are on the ground level and the bedroom is on the top level.

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To emphasize the simplicity and transparency of the interior design, lots of glass was used in the décor of the loft. The glass dining table is a very chic detail and the white chairs have beautiful silhouettes that complement the décor perfectly. The sleeping area can be accessed via a minimalist white staircase adjacent to the wall. What’s particularly beautiful about this apartment is the way the overall white décor is complemented by bursts of vibrant color.