Modern Loft In A Converted Textile Factory Brings Outdoor Freshness In

We came across this gorgeous loft in Deinze, Belgium, and we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to share these pictures with you. Not only it looks fantastic, but also has an interesting history. It’s a place where the past, the present and the future come together like puzzle pieces. Everything started with a disused textile factory that was finally bought by Aeon Architecten and turned into a residential complex for 10 couples. The project was recently completed and Loft 8 is one of these 10 residences.

Loft 8 white floor living roomView in gallery

Loft 8 living roomView in gallery

Loft 8 kitchen grassView in gallery

Loft 8 top viewView in gallery

The 3 bedrooms apartment boasts high standards of comfort and embodies a special corner for nature lovers. It’s a great idea to consider the existence of such a beautiful green place in our homes. This small space is bounded by sliding doors and has a skylight that allows natural light to come in. That makes it the perfect place to relax while reading a good book.

Loft 8 Entryway1View in gallery

Loft 8 EntrywayView in gallery

Contemporary Interior Design BelgiumView in gallery

Contemporary Interior Design Belgium1View in gallery

Loft 8 modern white kitchenView in gallery

Loft 8 open space kitchen modern inductionView in gallery

Loft 8 kitchen hanging lightingView in gallery

Loft 8 kitchenView in gallery

The architects used the entire space in a very efficient manner. The furniture is custom designed in order to perfectly fit the space. You probably ask yourself what features indicate the past, the present and the future.

Loft 8 Pallet coffee table1View in gallery

Loft 8 Exposed Bricks WallView in gallery

The pallet coffee table is clearly one of the meaningful details. It reminds us that this loft has an unexpected background. Another important element that will strengthen our statement is the exposed bricks wall. The concrete window sills were kept since the building was still a textile factory and now they have a new purpose. They can be the perfect place to improvise a reading corner near the window. And because you need something to warm up the atmosphere, a modern fireplace was incorporated in this white flat panel wall.

Loft 8 Pallet coffee tableView in gallery

Loft 8 Pallet eestairsView in gallery

They used EeStairs as an access way to the shared roof terrace, and they found a way to cover them up. You can consider this a secret passage! They also managed to create a cozy atmosphere by using pendant light bulbs and recessed lighting.

Loft 8 floor PlanView in gallery

Can you believe that this apartment was actually part of a factory?