Modern Loft In A Former Warehouse Building

This modern loft is part of a building which used to be an American Express warehouse. Schappacher White Architecture combined two spaces inside the warehouse and created the Hudson Loft. Located in TriBeCa, New York, the loft has a very interesting design. The architects managed to preserve the main characteristics of the building and to transfer them to the loft as a means of preserving the history.

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The columns are a very interesting element and a great way of balancing the colors

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Although the loft has an overall modern look, it still preserve the building’s original character
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White is the main color used for the walls throughout the loft
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The bar stools for the kitchen island add industrial charm to the space
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The light fixtures in this space were custom-designed for this project

The loft was designed using materials and inspiration from the warehouse. Things like Chemically aged steel wall panels, steel baseboards or custom aged lighting fixtures were used in order to create the look that you see here. The loft has a spacious kitchen with custom pivot windows that open onto a pantry. The living room is adjacent to the kitchen and features wall treatments which the architects call “liquid metal wall” because it can change its appearance as the light shifts.

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The pantry runs the whole length of the kitchen
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The painting in the dining room is by artist Bill Sullivan
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The desk and shelves were also custom-designed by the architects
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The master bedroom features a pocket door with black frame and fiberglass panels
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The bathroom has a custom shower enclosure designed by the architects
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There’s a beautiful balance of styles maintained throughout the loft

The color palette in this area is very simple and pure. The black sofa is the focal point, featuring red and white accent pillows and the brown wooden floor creates a nice balance. The columns create beautiful contrasts and give the space a distinctive look. The dining area has interesting light fixtures which were custom designed by the architects for this project. The painting complements the wall and the room décor quite nicely.