Modern Living Room Designs That Use Corner Units

Living rooms that make the most of the corner space open up the rest of the room for more flexible accommodation. If you mount your fireplace or television set in the corner of a room, for instance, there is more room to move about in. This is especially worthwhile in a smaller living room and means you can often rearrange your seating so that it is no longer in the way of walkways and doors. Indeed, corner storage units can also double up a banquette seats, freeing even more space.

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The intersection of two walls should be more than just a plain junction. Why not pick one corner of your living room and make a feature of it? There is a good deal of display cabinetry to choose from that is specifically designed for a corner position. However, there’s no need to stop there to get a modern and sophisticated look that will enliven even the dullest corner of your home.

Television Sets.

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If you already have a major focal point in your living room, perhaps a fireplace and chimney breast that extends into the floor space, then setting a television to one side of it can often make the room seem a little out of kilter. Sometimes placing the TV above the mantel will do the job, but this is simply not possible in all rooms, especially if the fireplace is used.

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The neatest solution is to mount you screen in a corner unit that can also house all of your audio equipment. This way, the television can be easily viewed, but does not detract from your focal point when not in use. Remember that a corner TV cabinet does not need to face the room at exactly 45 degrees. Although most prefabricated units conform to this angle a slightly off-set cabinet also works well.

Shelving Systems.

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If you have a corner of your living room that nothing seems to fit in, install some shelving. Corners that are the most problematic often have a pillar nearby, making them for regular furniture to fit in. Display shelving is the ideal corner-based solution. A corner positioned book case will make for a mini library in your living room. Use a standard lamp nearby to create a different zone in the living space.

Firing Focal Points.

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Regular fireplaces sit in the middle of the room, but modern architecture does not need to be based around the structural element of a chimney breast. Modern flues and ventilation mean that fireplaces can be situated in corners, with relative ease. For a contemporary but warm living room, install a hearth in the corner of your lounge. A fireplace can still be the main focal point of the room, even if it is in the corner. Simply reposition your furniture so that it does not sit parallel to the walls, as it does in most homes. Newly positioned furniture, that faces the corner, can make your living room feel entirely new.

Right Angled Seating.

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Why not use the corner of your living room to add an additional area for seating. Banquette seating that sits between a chimney breast, or a pillar, and some regular wall-facing furniture can create a cosy zone within a living room. Couches that turn through 90 degrees are ever popular because they allow you to stretch out on them. One of the best ways of enjoying your living room’s corner is to find a couch that fits in snugly. But corner seating does not need to be a large couch. Small corners will welcome a diminutive corner seat, too.

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