Modern Living Room Design by Circulo Muebles

Here is another Modern Living Room Design but this time it comes from Circulo Muebles. The new collection is designed by Paco Alcalde and Kiko Moreno and burning  simple shapes and straight lines of the cabinets. This collection can be useful for small living room because it is compact and looks very clean and simple.

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The colors are not the best choice. The colors used create kind of a sad and depressing atmosphere. Maybe it would have been a better choice to include some bright colors as well, at least for little features like decorations or maybe a fun chair. I really find this place depressing just by looking at it. It looks dusty and…old.


There are probably other people who strongly disagree with me, but personal tastes are not something that you can be right of wrong about. I know a lot of people who just love the brown tones and they would probably feel like this is heaven of earth. Good for them. However I have to admit that I like the simplicity of the design. It’s a little retro with a modern touch. You should at least give it a chance.