Modern Landing Sofa by Mauro Lipparini

A living room is empty without the modern sofa. Sofas are fine addition to your living area. Its main purpose is a place where family can stay together as they watch movies and for any bonding moments of the whole family. Landing Sofa by Mauro Lipparini features a slim and light architecture, built upon central elegant metallic bases and with a big visual impact, like jewels that increase the floating effect.

Landing Sofa by Mauro LippariniLanding Sofa by Mauro Lipparini

The Landing Sofa collection is available in different sizes 260, 230, 210 and 190 cm. – and is completed by an armchair of 120 cm.; two coffee tables completely covered in saddle leather are also available, one square of 95×95 cm. and one rectangular of 140×70 cm.

I especially appreciate the elegant and extremely simple metallic base. It goes really well with the other elements and it creates a beautiful and modern image. I think we can all agree about the fact that this sofa looks really nice and would make a great addition to anyone’s home. But there’s also another big advantage: this sofa is also extremely comfortable. Just by looking at it you can see hose soft and comfy it is. It almost looks like it’s inviting you to sit down and relax.