Modern Lamp with Geometrical Base from Ralph Lauren

If you have a modern home and want to add some geometrical dimension to it in order to make it more interesting, you might think of getting this beautiful and unusual Modern Lamp with Geometrical Base from Ralph Lauren. It seems to me that this lamp is the haute couture in the lighting manufacturing. It has an interesting design and a fine and refined look, exhaling modernism and cubism, bringing you closer to Picasso and Dali and making your home look like the Museum of Modern Art. This is indeed a work of art combined with the usefulness of a table lamp and the best proof is the fact that it is offered on Ralph Lauren web site. This is really a guarantee of quality after all.

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The most important feature of this lamp is its base. I mean the shape of the base is unusual, yet regular, being shaped like a dodecahedron. This might seem like a very strange word, but it actually depicts a geometrical shape that has twelve regular facets, each of them shaped like a pentagon. And if you can’t imagine what I have just described, then take a look at the lamp base and you will see one. So basically the design is pretty intricate and geometrical, but the result is beautiful. The base is made of wood and the lamp shade is made of linen. It sells for $378.