Modern Kid`s Rooms from Beth Jones and Erica Islas

Everyone wants a great up to date look in the kids bedroom and you might find yourself inspired by a modern kids bedroom decorating idea that you have seen on internet or in a decorator magazine. There are many other options for kid’s home decor such as kid’s room fun furniture. They come in amazing designs and can be played around with, made exclusive for kid’s growth.

Beth Jones Kid`s Room Design

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Beth Jones use of textures such as leather, tweed and heavy canvas helps carry the cowboy theme and provides a durable solution for an active boy.

Erica Islas Kid`s Room Design

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The pink is the fav color for a girl and here plum on the bottom and pink on top, are separated by the white chair molding. The dresser was inherited by the child and repurposed by refinishing the dresser in a Silver Leaf finish.