Exciting and colorful kids’ furniture designs from Dielle

There’s nothing more annoying for a kid than to have to live in a room designed by adults according to their own tastes and preferences. When you’re furnishing a kid’s bedroom you have to distance yourself from everything that defines and to find your inner-child. The same thing goes for furniture designers. Italian company Dielle seems to understand that perfectly because they came up with a wonderful collection.

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The collection includes everything from desks to beds, storage cabinets and shelves. The combinations which you can create with these pieces are numerous and you can see here a few extraordinary examples. See how a boring room can become a fun and colorful space and how furniture can transform any space.

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The pieces in the collection feature bold and vibrant colors such as orange, red, yellow, purple or turquoise and they’re always combined in such a way that the balance is perfect. What’s also very nice about these designs is that they make the room seem bright and spacious while offering plenty of storage space and wonderfully combining style and function. We also love the way the colors were combined. The contrasts as strong but also pleasant.