Modern Interior Design by Rajiv Saini

Today we would like to present you a contemporary house located in New Delhi, India. Designed by Rajiv Saini, this gorgeous home keeps under its roof two generations. Our main focus is on the upper level of the house where the younger couple lives.

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Because most Indian parents like to have their kids stay with them and the space permitted it, the second floor that was unoccupied is now a stunning place. The level houses 2500 square feet of space, 3 bedrooms, a living room with a compact dining area, a large master bath, dresser and a guest suite. The customers had some demands and these were making a grand master suite that has a modern version of traditional indian “gadda” which is a large mattress to sit informally on and spend time together. In order to fulfill their request the architect had to tear down a spare bedroom.

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Another thing they wanted was to have the possibility of entertaining friends on their floor, so with the help of screens cut out of solid blocks of black granite they separated this area from the rest of the family house. Moreover the guest suite has a bed with a large upholstered bed surround that is placed against a black marble ledge that gives the visitors the possibility of viewing the beautiful garden.

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This lovely, modern interior design is one that can become an example for everyone. It is sleek, beautiful and a great retreat.