Modern Integrated Staircase Cabinet

BUILD is a company with and industrious architecture profile. They have recently designed  a residential project in Seattle including an interesting stair design.  This unique design consists in combining stairs an cabinetry.  This combination is challenging because of the  nature’s  strict laws and regulation for building these items. Stairs and any suspended object have to be supported and need a solid structure.Taking a closer look at these structure and frames we can find that are a bit alike and a combination is possible.

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Thereby, at the bottom of the stairs there is a shelving unit with its own function and design, but supporting in the same time the staircase that rises above it.  Wood and steel was used to achieve in the same time  a steady, strong  structure  and a good looking one. This combination fits perfectly in the contemporary design of the house, which also included wooden floors and steel poles.

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The  stairs start from the kitchen/ living area along a separating wall, on which kitchen cabinetry and appliances hang.  A focal point  within the home was created in a dual manner. One of them is the integration of the cabinetry in the staircase design. The second thing is the use of attenuated steel and solid maple treads. The solid walnut cabinet base integrated in the stair and becomes a guardrail for the downstairs run.