Modern Industrial Wooden Desk

We live in a world that makes us purchase all kinds of goods that we do not necessarily need, but we keep buying them because we can’t help it. However, we could live just fine with very few things that are really necessary for us. I experimented this once when I got blocked in a mountain cabin for three days, away from any means of communication and without the possibility of leaving. It was then when I realized that you need very few things to have a nice and even happy existence. For example you can make your own furniture out of very simple and bare pieces of wood and you can combine technology and nature really well. So if you can’t live without your laptop or you need it for your job, you can simply find a nice piece of reclaimed wood that you can turn into this great Modern Industrial Wooden Desk.

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This desk has a minimalist design and is made of reclaimed wood, combined from time to time with some metal parts like the hairpin legs. There is also a locker basket drawer and a slide out keyboard tray, the last one being also made of wood. Any way, this piece of furniture is very useful and has a very natural colour and design, matching a house with wooden panels and even a wooden cabin int he woods. This item can be bought for $425 from Etsy.