Modern-Industrial House With Sophisticated Decor Accents

This is a house located in Pozuelo de Alarcon, in Madrid, Spain which, in spite of its industrial design, has a really warm and cozy interior. In fact, the industrial elements are barely noticeable, looking very natural in this context and enhancing other features which, in turn, bring harmony into the rooms.

Residencial III house social area
Like most modern homes, this one has an open floor plan
Residencial III house open floor plan
The living room, kitchen and dining area share the same space but with an interesting twist

The project’s name is Residential III and it was developed by Marisa Gonzales Llanos in 2014. For the architect and the team of collaborators, the harmony between a building and its surroundings is very important and special attention is given to this in all the projects.

Residencial III house modular coffee table
The living area is organized around a coffee table and has an L-shaped sofa
Residencial III house lounge space
The lounge space is positioned towards the center of the floor plan

The architect also bases each design on a correct interpretation of the ideas and needs of each individual client. This way harmony can be echieved more easily and a house can more easily become a home.

Residencial III house wood clad wall
The wall opposite to the sectional is clad in reclaimed wood and has a really nice texture
Residencial III house kitchen area
The floor plan is not leveled and there are differences of height between spaces

For this residence, an industrial style was chosen as a primary base for the interior design. Polished concrete floors, relciamed wood accents and exposed features complete the look. At the same time, the house looks sophisticated and glamorous, being characterized by a close attention to details.

Residencial III house area behind the sofa
Behind the sectional there’s a cozy space which can serve as a reading nook or study area
Residencial III house bookcase
The palette of colors is nicely thought through and the contrasts are harmonious throughout

An open floor plan links the lounge area,kitchen and dining space but there’s an interesting twist here. The living and dining areas share the same floor plan but they feel like well-defined individual spaces thanks to a metal and glass partition.

Residencial III house dining area decor
The dining space is positioned adjacent to the lounge area, in a semi-private space
Residencial III house dining area
The rough wall finishes and floors are complemented by sophisticated accent lights
Residencial III house dining room
A partial screen made of metal and glass visually separated the dining area from the rest of the floor plan

In the dining area the industrial character of the decor is most prominent. The unfinished walls, the absence of warm wooden floors or area rugs and the use of cool gray tones all indicate a strong industrial design. There is, of course, a touch of color in the form of dining chairs.

Residencial III house dining table and chairs
The combination of gray and mustard yellow is a stylish one
Residencial III house breakfast nook table
This lovely little table is enhanced by its complementary chairs with acrylic seats

Reclaimed wood was used to cover an accent wall in the lounge area as well as the front door which has a solid frame and a patchword design.

Residencial III house wall decor
The front door is pretty unusual, featuring this patchwork design
Residencial III house vintage sofa
The furniture combined several different styles and influences
Residencial III house chalkboard wall
A chalkboard wall adds a fun and quirky touch to the decor