Modern Howard Stool

Stools are supposed to have only seating, without a back rest, but they are pretty comfortable. Somehow, when I saw this Modern Howard Stool I had the feeling the designer had forgotten to finish it and left it like that by mistake. This stool looks rather strange, but to everyone’ surprise they are really comfy. This chair is named after the designer’ father and follows the design of the Barbara stool pretty close. It is made of perforated steel and has a  steel rod frame and durable foot hardware, too. Its design seems incredible at first sight because when you see it you feel like it can’t support a person and will collapse any minute. But it is cleverly designed and it speculates the laws of physics regarding weight.

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This stool is stackable and available in many colours, so you can choose the one that is perfect for your house to match it. The two legs of the stool are pretty unusual , as stools usually have four legs in order to give them stability. But these two legs are perfectly completed by the strong leg rest. The stool is ergonomic and comfortable and it is available in three different sizes, depending on your needs. The powdercoated steel bar stool is manufactured in Austin, Texas, USA and can be purchased for a price between $325-$395.