Modern house in Portugal by Rui Grazina

The great art of architects, besides creating amazing designs and comfortable houses for you to live in, is managing to trick the nature and build impressive homes even there when the topographic circumstances don’t allow it. The net house, even it was build on a sloping land, and the architect had to invent ways of solving the problem, looks perfect and nobody would ever say it was such a difficult job to built it.

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The private house is located in Cambeses, Barcelos, Portugal and was designed by Rui Grazina. The whole project lasted from 2008 to 2011, but the result made the waiting worth. The house has a very contemporary minimalistic design with white interiors and façade. It has large clear windows and also a glass ceiling part which allow the light to come in gently. This way the architect created the impression of space and also removed all the boundaries between the inside of the home and the environment.

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To benefit more from the natural space, the architect tried to position the rooms according to the geographical characteristics. Therefor he constructed the living area towards East, where the landscape offered the best view. Due to the quality of sun exposure, the other rooms were faced to South. Because of the inclination of the ground, on one side the house has two stores, while on the other side it has only one. But the architect solved the problem by creating a balancing underground parking space. With a little of imaginations and perseverance man can beat even nature.{found on archdaily}.