Modern House in Mexico by twentyfourseven Architects

The AE House in Mexico City is an unique building, created in a way that integrates the garden into the house. Designed by twentyfourseven Architects, this house combines privacy with materiality.

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Siting on a 8,661 sqf site, this home is a tribute to beauty and offers an alternative to the centralized volumes that are closed and, also, astounding views to the lush vegetation outside. Moreover the house presents itself as a multitude of boxes with enclosed patios.

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The architects had to keep in mind the importance of natural light and they found the perfect solution, which is floor to ceiling windows. The house is mainly one big, open space that hosts several family rooms, living and dining areas, office, a couple of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can see contemporary furnishings throughout the entire house and lots of wooden sliding doors, which allow a filtering of spatial qualities.

The AE House is a stunning property and has a lot to offer. With a garden that seems to be inside, this splendid home is a wonderful retreat.