Modern House E in Mexico

Even at the first sight, House E seems to transmit a message: that of a modern house, perfect for family life. It is located in Puerta de Hierro, Mexico and it is an expression of the desire of finding new elements to shape a new architecture. It is majestic in its modern form, surrounded by a nice yard, in its wood shade and quality of space done by Agraz Arquitectos. It definitely makes you think about geometry and ground motion, but it is so nicely done that you will like it.

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The building in itself is high and seems to be protected by a sort of defensive wall. Despite its size, the construction is simple, modern and it definitely proves good taste, style and elegance. The wide glass windows create the impression of a even larger space for both levels. The interior is also a proof of high quality and good taste and keeps the same air of elegance, simple lines, devoid of ornaments.

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The same idea is emphasized by the use of materials: white concrete, wood, but also by the simple elements in the large white interiors. One of the most original aspects is  the staircase climbing to the second level and turned into a sculpture. It is perfect for the entire atmosphere of the house and it is the key-element in the simplicity of the room. The general impression of comfort and relaxation is also given by the horizontal elements. It is an awesome simple home where you feel at ease.