Modern Home Bends The Rules To Maximize Functionality

The rules imposed by the development plan in the Wilhermsdorf region of Germany require constructions to be single-story structures and to have a gable roof. However, the restrictions are not as strict as they seem. A very good example in this sense is this contemporary residence built in 2015 by architect Rene Rissland in collaboration with Peter Durschinger.

Wilhermsdorf Residence exterior facadeView in gallery

Wilhermsdorf Residence back facadeView in gallery

The residence sits on an area measuring 290 square meters and has a design that’s unique to the region. The architects and the client worked together to find a way to bend the rules in their favor. The solution found is both ingenious and tasteful.

Wilhermsdorf Residence second basement levelView in gallery

Wilhermsdorf Residence glass ground level and terraceView in gallery

The house is built on two levels. The ground level is technically a second basement and on top of it stands a solid black box with a slightly inclined gable roof. The ground floor is wrapped in transparent glass walls which gives the house a lightweight look.

Wilhermsdorf Residence dining area adjacent to terraceView in gallery

This volume contains and the garage and the utility rooms. This also includes the kitchen and dining areas. The main entrance is also located on this level. A large terrace serves as an outdoor lounge area, ideal for friendly gatherings or beautiful days.

Wilhermsdorf Residence kitchen and dining areaView in gallery

The kitchen and the dining space align with the terrace and enjoy the natural light coming through the glass walls and sliding doors. In addition, the direct connection to the outdoors establishes a fresh and natural transition between the spaces.

Wilhermsdorf Residence concrete staircaseView in gallery

A concrete staircase with oak planks on every other step connects the second basement to the main floor. Its design is sculptural and artistic, the combination of warm and cool tones creating a balanced and very elegant look overall. The steel mesh safety net offers protection without obstructing the views in any way.

Wilhermsdorf Residence living room decorView in gallery

Upstairs are the living spaces and the sleeping areas. A small gallery connects the dining area on the ground floor to the living space situated above it. These two levels are also connected in another interesting ways which involves a hammock floor.

Wilhermsdorf Residence hammock floor playgroundView in gallery

Wilhermsdorf Residence playgroundView in gallery

The hammock floor is a fun and unusual feature designed to offer the house a casual and relaxed feel. It’s a favorite feature for the kids who consider this area a playground.

Wilhermsdorf Residence hammosk floorView in gallery

The living area is characterized by a large panorama window that offers a great view of the surroundings. From the outside, the windows of the house have greenish yellow frames which, in combination with the black facade covered with charred larch establish a bold but at the same time simple design.

Wilhermsdorf Residence curved glass brick wall in bathroomView in gallery

The sleeping areas are situated on the upper level. Here there’s a two-bedroom unit which could potentially be used as an office space or as a separate apartment if desired. The master bathroom is the space where violet was chosen as a primary accent color. Combined with the white, wood and metal accents, it establishes an elegant and modern décor.

Wilhermsdorf Residence violet accent colorView in gallery

The bathroom features a curved wall or glass bricks which separates it from the bedroom. Behind this wall is the shower enclosure.

Wilhermsdorf Residence bathroom interiorView in gallery

The house is unusual compared to the others present in the area. However, this doesn’t stop it from blending in. These two sides of the design make the project interesting, unique and memorable.