Modern Glass Lighting from jGoodDesign

No, the UFOs have not landed in your living room ( yet), but you can easily mistake these pendant lights for them. They are round and made of glass and have this unusual look, but they are in fact lighting devices that help you see where you are going inside your house. And because people are not so crazy about boring staff, the guys from jGoodDesign had the idea of bringing a totally new, though unusual looking design for them.

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If you like to change the décor and design of your house according to the changing trend then you will definitely want to try out the modern glass lighting from Jgood design.It is colorful and attractive. The light appears in the form of balloons in variety of colors and size. The balloons are further detailed with multiple holes through which the light brightens the room. It is exceptionally new concept and you will certainly want to decorate your house with it.