Modern glass dining table

I don’t think glass will ever become out of fashion. It’s used for too many things, starting with glasses and continuing with glass doors, glass fishtanks, even furniture made of glass. Like this dining table, for example. It’s a table made from a steel double arch base and with a glass top.

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It has a very modern look. The dimensions are: 36 “x 60 “x 1/2”. And if you really want your dining room to look nice and to be usable, you will also need some chairs to go with it. And what better choice than these contemporary and colorful chairs to go with your Ly- Elaine DT. The dimensions of the chairs are 17″ x 26″ x 35″ and they come in three colors: red, white and black. The glass table, besides being very versatile and goog-looking, has other advantages as well: it is easy to clean and to maintain and, because it has no colors, it goes with everything. However, you need to be careful not to scratch it.