Modern Home Syncs With Its Surroundings Through Geometry

Completed in 2014, the SRK project addresses a series of basic requests in a really interesting and unusual way. This is a residence located in Meguro, Tokyo. It was a project developed by ARTechnic Architects, a company with a strong belief that architecture can enrich everyday life and improve a lot of things through innovation. It specializes in residential and commercial projects and offers a holistic approach that also involves interior and furniture design.

The SRK residence in Tokyo looks artistic at nightView in gallery

The SRK residence in Tokyo features outdoor accent lightingView in gallery

One of the client’s requests in this case was for the architects to find a way to shut off the view from the neighboring houses while offering a feeling of open space. In order to offer this ideal combo, the team first had to make a few changes to the site in order to adapt it for what was to come.

The SRK residence in Tokyo features a geometric shapeView in gallery

Originally there was a 3.7 meter height difference on the site and a lot of tall trees. After assessing the situation, the team decided to make the most of it. As a result, the trees formed the view from the upper floor and nature helped this way shape the house.

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The shape and the architecture of the residence were partially dictated by the conditions on the site. The design is characterized by its simplicity and by attributes such as modern, organic and geometric. Although these characteristics don’t share much in common, put together they establish a very beautiful balance.

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Although nestled between two neighboring building and sitting on a small site, the residence shares a special connection with nature which forms a shell around the building which shapes the facade and exterior walls.

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The SRK residence in Tokyo maintains a sculptural decor throughoutView in gallery

The walls of the residence expand outward and, as a result, the ground floor has a smaller footprint than the upper level. This strategy was used for both aesthetic and functional reasons, allowing the building to stand out while also offering the client the privacy previously required without obstructing the views or making the rooms feel less airy and open.

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The lack of large openings on the ground floor causes the rooms situated there to be dark although this doesn’t make them any less stylish or inviting. In fact, accent lighting plays a crucial role in this case, emphasizing details such as the texture on the walls, the color palette used or simply creating a certain mood.

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The upper level, on the other hand, is an open and very bright space. Full height glass windows and walls allow natural light to get in while the architecture of the building keeps the spaces sheltered from unwanted views without stopping nature from becoming a part of the décor.

The SRK residence in Tokyo keeps an open feel for the bathroomsView in gallery

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The interior décor overall is defined by a beautiful and modern geometry, being characterized by sculptural lines, sharp angles and eye-catching shapes.

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The SRK residence in Tokyo features sculptural bathroom vanitiesView in gallery

The living and dining areas share an open space, with slightly different floor heights. The solid wood flooring adds warmth to the space while everything else maintains a neutral and elegant palette of colors, textures and finishes. The recesses in the ceiling are slots for minimalist light fixtures designed to create a pleasant environment while maintaining a cohesive look.

The SRK residence in Tokyo has a modern staircaseView in gallery

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Simplicity also defines the bathrooms. The glass walk-in shower, wood-paneled walls and futuristic-looking vanities all have their own role in establishing a harmonious décor and making the residence look and feel unique.

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