Modern Entertainment Center Design Ideas For Your Next Makeover

The entertainment center is often the biggest and most important piece of furniture in the living room or family space. it’s where all the storage can be found and sometimes it also serves as the focal point of the room, being the unit that faces the sofa. As you already know, with so many different designs and options available, choosing one is nearly impossible. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration in the examples we prepared.

Air low tv cabinet design

If you prefer a light and airy look for your living room, perhaps you’d enjoy the Air unit. it’s a low TV cabinet with plenty of storage inside the closed compartments and a stylish open shelf for holding books and decorations. The unit is made of wood and glass available in two versions. Although it is most commonly used as a wall unit, the design is also available with a painted glass back in case you want to turn it into a space divider.

Low walnut tv cabinet

For small spaces, the Link entertainment center is exactly right. The unit was designed by Paolo Cattelan and has adjustable width. The frame can either be white or graphite and the walnut drawer unit will always add a nice contrast to the design. Despite the compact design and small dimensions, the unit is surprisingly roomy in terms of storage.

Nexo tv cabinet design

Small and compact are also two of the attributes that characterize the Nexo TV cabinet. This is a unit designed in collaboration with the sound specialists from Lautsprecher Teufel and is thus the perfect marriage between beautiful design and great sound quality. This small unit has the ability to easily transform a regular living room into a home cinema while maintaining its subtle and simple look.

Modern flag low cabinet

A lot of modern entertainment centers are composed of several individual elements which cover a large portion of a wall. Most often, they include a low cabinet unit where most of the storage is included and one of more wall-mounted shelves. The Modern Flag system combines this type of elements while also playing with elegant combinations of color in a geometric construction that would make any living room beautiful.

Oak blackbird cabinet

Of course, not all entertainment centers rely on diversity. Some, such as the Oak Blackbird, are designed to be compact and to offer all the basic requirements in a simple form which doesn’t occupy a lot of floor space or diminish the room’s spacious and airy feel. This could be accurately described as a cupboard. It has two drawers and two closed door compartments.

Living room wall media system

Each type of entertainment center or wall unit addresses to a particular type of space or ambiance. In this particular space, for example, a white lower cabinet was chosen in order to ensure a more spacious and airy feel. The wall-mounted pieces contrast with the white background and add a nice touch to the décor.

symmetrical design for living room furniture

In certain cases, a small room doesn’t necessarily need a small entertainment center. A symmetrical design can establish a sense of order in the room. In this case, the TV is framed by the geometric unit which looks quite compact but is in fact very roomy. Concentrating all the storage furniture on one wall leaves the rest of the room free for seating and other things.

Entertainment living room wall system

Entertainment centers such as this one fill an entire wall and have a back panel that connects all the pieces. It’s a good opportunity in such cases to play with various combinations of colors. The dark vs light contrast is widely emphasized in a lot of designs.

White living room with fireplace

To maintain an open and airy décor, choose a unit that matches the wall. A white unit placed against a white wall would make the room look quite big which is really useful when you have a small floor plan. In addition, the open shelves have a similar effect in a lot of cases so combine these strategies for best results.

Natural wood furniture for living room

A nice way to highlight the beauty of a living room with no architectural details is with an entertainment center or wall unit such as this one. Because the unit features all sorts of carved out details, it doesn’t need a striking color or an unusual shape to stand out.