Modern Designer Sofa Table

Tables are round or square pieces of furniture that usually have four legs and are used for eating or for supporting different object. I know what a dinner table is and what a coffee table is. But I found a sofa table and I thought for a moment what that was. So I realized a sofa table is not just any kind of table, but a smaller table that is adjusted to fit a sofa. And since the sofa is a bit taller and you do not sit on one while eating or having coffee, a sofa table must be pretty small, tall enough for you to reach it and also not very wide either so that it will not get in your way when you stay on the sofa and watch TV or just chat with your friends. This Modern Designer Sofa Table is perfect and I like its simplicity a lot.

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This sofa table has a simple and clean design, yet it is very modern and fits any home. It is made of harvested solid woods and handcrafted in Vermont, USA. The table has a natural finish that also has a protective role and shows the beauty of the wood grain. It is solid and nice, having only two planks instead of four legs. However, it is very stable and solid, here in cherry colour. Of course you can also choose maple, oak or walnut woods, depending on the other furniture in your house and depending on the general design of your house. The item is now available on Vermont Wood Studios for $728.10.