Modern critter Cat Scratcher

If you have a cat then you’re probably well informed about their habits. Cats are lovely creatures that most of the time like to sleep, to cuddle, to eat and to purr. But there’s also another characteristic that people often forget. It’s their scratching habit. They always ruin furniture and rugs with their sharp claws.

Moderncritter cs

So if you want to avoid all that, if it’s not already to late, you can purchase a scratcher similar to this one. It will help your cat to keep doing what it likes best while giving your sofa or armchair a break. Of course, there’s also the risk that your cat will not like the scratcher and then all the effort will be in vain.

However, this particular cat scratcher from Modern critter was especially created for this type of situations. It mimics the cat’s favorite places, like the carpet of the sofa. It has a curved shape and a pattern similar to that of a rug. It looks very attractive. If I were a cat I would probably like to plant my claws in that scratcher.Cats like to be in the center of attention so you’ll want to place this scratcher somewhere at sight and not hidden because the cat usually likes to scratch things when someone is looking just to make you angry.