15 Modern Couches With Diverse And Versatile Designs

The terms couch and sofa are basically synonyms these days as they are often used interchangeably. Although each has its own defining characteristics, few can really tell the difference between a couch and a sofa. At the end of the day, call it however you want, the important thing is that you feel comfortable on it and that it looks great in your home. Today we’ll examine some modern couches to better understand the term.

Reversi upholstered 3 seater sofa 1024x768View in gallery

The Reversi ’14 may not look very bold or eye-catching, but it’s definitely the type of couch you want in your living room. It has a backrest that can sit in three different positions and a higher support for the shoulders for maximum comfort.

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Casual and simple, the Santa Monica from Poliform is a very comfortable couch with an informal and chic character. It’s the type of couch that can look great in a variety of contexts and both in small and large living spaces.

Seater fabric leisure sofaView in gallery

With a design inspired by the 1950s, the Serie_50W couch is a three-seater with a wood frame covered with non-deforming, expanded polyurethane and finished with polyester fibre. It can be upholstered in either fabric or leather and it has a somewhat formal look given by its clean lines and sharp forms.

Upholstered sofa 2002View in gallery

The 2002 couch by Christian Werner doesn’t seem to excel in comfort but it definitely looks interesting.It has an airy bentwood frame that wraps around a seat cushion that rests directly onto the floor. The backrest cushions are loose and can be repositioned as desired.

2 seater sofa kanaha ditre italia 1024x768View in gallery

Kanahana is a two-seater couch by Ditre Italia. Its design is simple and casual but it also has a hint of formality given by the color and the frame. The thick seat, backrest and armrest cushions make this piece very comfortable.

Upholstered leather sofa edwardView in gallery

The Edward couch by Carlo Colombo definitely has a strong presence with its stainless steel frame and leather upholstery. It’s part of a furniture collection that also includes matching armchairs. The design is elegant and, in a way, reminiscent of traditional furniture but also with a modern twist.

Sofa urban calligarisView in gallery

This is Urban, a modular sofa/ couch with a simple and elegant design. It has clean and simple lines and an overall contemporary charm infused with classic beauty. It’s part of a versatile collection that includes modular units with and without armrests which can be combined in a variety of different ways.

Patmos leather sofaView in gallery

Terry Dwan designed the Patimos divan. Available in various sizes, it can also be custom made to perfectly fit in a defined space. It features wooden blocks which can be set between the leather seat cushions but which can also flank them for a more cohesive structure.

Gentleman 3 seater sofa flouView in gallery

This three-seater couch is a wonderful representation of the marriage between elegance and comfort. It’s called Gentleman and was designed by Carlo Colombo. It has an outer cover which can be removed, making maintenance easy.

Fabric sofa cosmo missanaView in gallery

The Cosmo couch from The Novelties collection is the perfect piece of furniture for bold, modern interiors. It’s a fresh splash of color in a simple and classy form. The couch comes in a variety of strong and exquisite colors such as a combination of shades of turquoise, black and red.

Fabric sofa bed bandy bonaldoView in gallery

A lot of modern couches feature fluid, organic forms. Brandy by Pier Vittorio Prevedello is a beautiful example. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that was designed to seamlessly blend into contemporary decors. The piece can easily be converted into a bed when needed.

Sofa fellow upholstered sofa poradaView in gallery

The Fellow couch has a lovely laid-back look. Its design focuses on comfort and versatility, making this a really great option for a lot of modern living rooms. It features cozy accent pillows in different shapes, sizes and colors, all combined to form an organic composition.

Seater sofa arch odesiView in gallery

Designed by Kees Marcelis, the Arch sofa/ couch stands out with its minimalist design. It’s shaped like a solid block and its armrests are slanted slightly inwards, forming a subtle arch. It’s a durable piece with a simple and comfortable design.

Wabi garden sofa paola lentiView in gallery

The Wabi couch was designed for outdoor use. It’s actually described as a garden sofa and it’s part of a collection that also includes armchairs and a lawn-swing. It has a structure made of sassafras wood which is treated against stains and water and a stainless steel seat frame.

Hoop garden sofa living divaniView in gallery

Hoop is also a lovely garden sofa. It was designed by Arik Levy and it has a tubular metal structure featuring a geometric patten of hoops that join together and intersect creating an interesting visual illusion enhanced by the natural light. The piece was designed for both indoor and outdoor use.