Stylish Small Tables Inspire Modern Homes With Their Designs

It’s not always the big furniture pieces that have the strongest impact on a room’s décor and ambiance. Accent furniture generally has that role. Coffee tables are known to be wonderful focal points for living rooms. Similarly, side tables can add a touch of color or sophistication to just about any room. Both are small tables and both feature interesting designs, some of which we’ll take a closer look at right now.

Devine Coffee Table in Black

First, let’s start with something simple. The Devine coffee table by Organize It All has a very clean and simple design which makes it perfect for modern and contemporary living rooms. it’s a table with a lot of casual flair thanks to its incorporate storage for things like magazines, books or remotes. Its neutral dark color makes it versatile and able to adapt to a lot of spaces and decors while the bottom shelf can also be used for display.

Eolo low coffee table

The Eolo is another very simple-looking table with lots of charm and functionality. This low coffee table was designed by Pierangelo Sciuto and has a matte metal frame complemented by a black stone top. The design is simple and symmetrical, also featuring a bottom shelf which can be used either for storage or for display.

Spring coffee table potocco spa

The Spring series is a collection of coffee tables with various shapes and sizes. They have wooden frames with tray-like tops which can be made of marble or wood. The frame is made of ash wood and comes in a variety of finishes while the marble top options is available in a variety of colors and types. The design is simple and cute, with rounded edges and organic forms.

Soho modular coffee table

Featuring a sleek and simple design, the Soho coffee table is a wonderful accent piece for modern and contemporary living rooms. One of the versions features a frame with three thin metal legs and a triangular top with curved edges. There’s also a different version that has a round top and four sleek metal legs with a black finish. Both versions have a MDF top available, in black, white or walnut veneer.

ships wheel coffee table

Those of you that feel like a coffee table should offer plenty of storage might enjoy the design of the 1007 Ship’s Wheel table by Caroti. It has a decorated mirror top and a frame that integrates four storage compartments which can slide out for easy use. The table is available in four finishes and is decorated with ornate little anchors which emphasize its sea-inspired look.

ships wheel coffee table

Storage is also very important for the Class table. This is a low coffee table designed by Matteo Nanziati. It has a simple look and it ideal for contemporary interiors. Its clean and simple lines and dark finish offer it an elegant allure and the built-in storage compartments on the side are perfect for keeping book and small objects. Put two of these square tables side by side to form a larger rectangular table for a large living room.

round wooden coffee table mobel

Some coffee tables are quite small which makes them look more comfortable as side tables. A good example is the Drip table which has a sleek tripod base and a round top. The table is lightweight but also stable and practical and in comes in a variety of sizes as well as three materials: oak, walnut and brass. Use it as a side table or put three or more together to form a coffee table cluster.

Batea round wooden coffee table with tray

Batea is a similarly small and simple table. It too has a three-legged design and a round top but the signature element of its design is actually a solid wooden tray which can be added to the top or removed when not needed. This makes the table really practical and user-friendly, giving it an edge over other simpler designs.

Beech coffee table bedside

The versatile design of the Cube allows this table to be used in almost any room. Whether you decide to use it as a coffee table, side table or nightstand, it will always offer you the same user-friendly experience. Store books or other things on the bottom section or use the interior as a display area for a vase or ornament.