Modern Chicago loft interior design

When I first saw these pictures, i was really impressed by the height of this apartment, because it creates a very breezy and bright living space. Inspired by the Maisonette project from Chicago-based architectural firm Studio Gang, designer and artist Benoit Bertrand has created stunning renders of a virtual Chicago loft interior.Unfurnished, this loft has an industrial air because of all those railings,  metal beams, pieces of steel and aluminum, but if we look carefully, we will see two different styles: there are the brick walls, with  vintage railings on the windows, carefully combined with all those  modern and minimalist metal structures, to achieve an architectural balance.

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Another building detail is represented by the two kinds of stairs, built with different materials, each one taking us in a different corner of the apartment, and the white floor which has the same material everywhere, giving continuity, creating so an open space.

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Furnished, we can see the minimalist style picked by architects and designers, they preferring to emphasize the beauty of the apartment structure, without neglecting  the daily needs of the owner. Therefore, they did an inspiring work with all the  details, picking up only stainless steel appliances, and modern , comfortable furniture. Decorative objects are those items  that really complete the building, making it a real home, where you can live your life, and enjoy all the moments.