Stylish Designs That Make Fire Pits Look Hotter Than Ever

Relaxing outside by the campfire can sometimes be the best thing you can do after a long work day or at the end of the week. Make the experience as beautiful and as relaxing as possible by making sure all the details are taken care of. This means finding the right fireplace or fire pit design, having some comfortable chairs or benches placed around it and organizing everything just right.

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This small and modern campfire grill is made of steel and has an elegant and rather simple design. The leaf pattern gives it a sculptural look while also creating a connection with nature. It’s easy to imagine a relaxing afternoon when you sit in a comfortable lounge chair and get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the flames that escape through the openings.

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If you prefer something a bit more casual and easy to put together without the need of anything other than you can find in your own backyard, maybe you’d like building your own fire pit out of some stones and dry branches. This is actually something you can do pretty much anywhere so keep the idea in mind the next time you go camping.

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A sculptural fire bowl can be the perfect accent piece and focal point of a casual outdoor lounge area. Place at the center and have all the chairs spread around it, facing the central point. This way you’ll create a cozy ambiance. Further more, circular seating areas kindle conversations and interactions between everyone involved.

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Make a fire pit a permanent feature for the patio. Build it out of stone and give it any shape you want. Circular fire pits are preferred over others with less versatile designs. Ideally, the spot you choose would have a nice view. Think of how that whole area will look like at sunset and make the necessary adjustments.

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Use a variety of seating options around the fire pit if you’re aiming at an eclectic composition. One or two chairs can be combined with a bench, a chaise lounge, maybe even a daybed. Find the combination that works best for you and everyone else gathered around the fire.

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Rustic patios often feature fire pits. Around them you can expect to see classic chairs and casual seating arrangements. If you want, you can even make stools and benches out of tree trunks. Alternatively, you can opt for woven chairs and distressed finishes.

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On the other hand, if a sleek and modern look is the goal, perhaps the Urban Fireplace by Modfire is what you’re looking for. Its design is stylish and elegant, with clean and smooth lines and an overall sculptural identity. Use it in combination with equally stylish seats and accessories.

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Speaking of modern accessories, check out the Rotzo Log Holder from Civico Quattro. It’s a stylish piece made of waxed natural iron and with a base made of reclaimed wood. Its design is a little modern, a bit rustic and also with a touch of industrial and this makes it quite versatile.