Modern Bungalow house by Athelstan Whaley

Architect Athelstan Whaley designed this beautiful Bungalow house. It was originally designed as a part Edgcumbe Park resort. It has a beautiful traditional exterior design and it’s located in a quiet area, providing the perfect place for relaxation. The Bungalow house was owned by David Weston & Scott Mycock and it was used for years as a home and studio. Another interesting fact is that this house was also used a a location for 1966 film Fahrenheit 451 so it could be called famous.

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The interior has been renovated and now it’s a light, simple and tasteful modern décor. Throughout the house you can find iconic mid century modern furniture like Eames Lounge chair, Noguchi Butterfly stool, Jacobsen Egg chair as well as many others. The decorations are modern and chic, including some classical modernist posters and chic lighting fixtures.

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The owners, David Weston & Scott Mycock, decided it’s time to move out and to find a new location. This means that this precious Bungalow house is currently for sale. If you’re interested on this 1960 renovated house, be ready to pay £515,000. The house looks old and boring on the outside but the inside is a completely new story. The renovation brought stylish and colorful modern furniture together with eye-catching decorations. It would make a nice home for a single couple or a small family.{found on bungalowindustries}.