16 Baskets, Bottles and Other Beautiful Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms are one of the spaces in the house where storage is absolutely essential. Along with the towels and wash cloths, you’ve got Q-tips and cotton balls and soaps and lotions. And if you’re a girl, let’s not even think about all the hair products. With all those things that need a place to rest, it can be tempting to go to the nearest dollar store and stock up on plain plastic boxes and containers. I speak from experience. But you will thank yourself down the road if you splurge a little on some beautiful bathroom storage that you will be proud to display, instead of wanting to hide away. Take a look at these 16 baskets, bottles and other storage that will do your bathroom right.

Blue squish bathroom set

These blue squish containers will look amazing beside your sink or even on the toilet. They’re perfect for small bathrooms and the colors will bring some of the pop you need. (via CB2)

Metallic wire basket

Wire baskets? I’m all over that. Whether you get them in gold, silver or copper like this one, wire baskets are a classy way to store your extra towels and even toilet paper. You won’t want to push these in the back of the cabinet. (via Urban Outfitters)

Ceramic trinket dish

I may or may not be swooning over this blue ceramic trinket dish. Instead of putting your rings and necklaces and earrings on the countertop while you shower, keep them safe in this little blue box that will look smashing even when empty. (via H&M)

Antlers toothbrush holder

If you can put a set of antlers on the wall, why wouldn’t you? Stop fretting over your pedestal sink with no counter space and stash your toothbrushes on this handy holder. You can even use it to hang washcloths or a hand towel. (via Urban Outfitters)

Canvas bathroom hamper

Laundry on the floor is one of the fastest ways to dirty up the bathroom. A canvas hamper like this will keep clothes and towels hidden from sight while still bringing an industrial touch to the room. (via West Elm)

Nautical animal cannisters

While white looks clean and tidy, it can be boring to cover your bathroom completely in the pale shade. These nautical canisters will keep to the white code while giving you a nautical flair with the little animals on top. (via West Elm)

Pets trinket dishes

How adorable are these domestic trinket dishes? They promise they won’t run away while holding your favorite pieces. You might just get one for your bedroom too. (via Anthropologie)

Faceted glass jars

Bottles are good for holding so many bathroom necessities, especially when they’re pretty things like bath salts and bubble bath. Faceted bottles like these will keep the contents safe from moisture with their screw-on lids and still look lovely. (via H&M)

Bathroom storage boxes

Eucalyptus boxes like this are sure to match in any bathroom. The wood will bring a warm tone to your cold tile and keep things well organized. These would be perfect for a sink with open shelves underneath. (via CB2)

Pyramid mirror box

It’s always nice to add a little purely decorative storage to a room. A pyramid box like this will be a beautiful addition to a bathroom shelf or tray. (via Urban Outfitters)

Mercury glass canister

This mercury canister will be useful for both decorating and storage! You can fill it full of cotton balls and you’ll find yourself smiling at the shiny surface every time you open it. (via Urban Outfitters)

Whale tale ring holder

I just had to include one more trinket dish. For the whale themed bathrooms, you’re going to love this whale tale dish. This one will even help separate your necklaces, rather than have them get tangled in a knot. (via West Elm)

Wood makeup brush holder

Even makeup brushes deserve a place to call home and this block of wood is definitely in the running. In fact, while it would be an easy buy, it would also many a simple DIY! Consider yourself challenged. (via Anthropologie)

Frosted colored canisters

I can envision these pastel jars in a bachelorette’s bathroom next to her shiny gold whale tale trinket dish. The colors will add a soft smile to your bathroom while the wood tops keep them modern. (via Urban Outfitters)

Teakwood bathroom containers

These containers are awesome because of different sizes! You have a large one that can be used for extra towels or even a trash can and the trays will sit prettily on your counter top. It’s too good a set to resist. (via CB2)

Stacked apothocary jars

Apothecary jars are a classic bathroom storage pick. These are the stacked version which can open up a whole new world to those with tiny bathrooms. (via West Elm)