Modern bathroom sinks by Philip Watts Design

The bathroom is a space that must be, first of all, functional. However, this doesn’t mean that style must be neglected. Modern and contemporary bathrooms manage to combine the two concepts and to offer us decors that excel in efficiency but that also please the eye with their aesthetics. For example, this modern bathroom sink is a piece that would beautifully complement any such space.

Philipwattdesign sink spoon 1

The key to modern design is simplicity. The lack of ornaments and the clean and simple lines of this sink as well as those of all modern creations capture beauty in a minimalist way and in its purest form. The sink impresses with its subtle lines, delicate curves and unusual shape. This way, rather than having numerous little details and ornaments, the sink catches the eye and strikes you on a more basic level, with its form. The sink is a creation of Philip Watts Design.

Made of solid cast resin, the sink is strong and durable and yet it has a very delicate and elegant design. It’s available in two versions, either with a wall-mounted tap or with a mixed tap. Called the Spoon, this particular design is only one of the many beautiful creations the designer offers us. Shaped like a tear drop, the sink stands out. It ignores the ordinary type of design and the straight angles and instead it offers us delicacy and beauty on a simple but splendid level. It’s definitely not an ordinary sink.