An Old Relic Transformed Into A Modern Bachelor’s Home

Once just an old building from the late 70s resembling nothing more than a relic, this structure was recently reclaimed and transformed into a modern home for a young bachelor. The transformation was completed in 2014 and the house is situated in Toronto, Canada.

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The new split-level home offers a total of 3700 square feet of living space. The architects of AUDAX Architecture gave it a complete makeover. The interior was stripped down to its structure and the exterior was updated with new windows and zinc cladding in two tones.

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Part of the project was also a complete reprogramming of the interior spaces. The space was reorganized in order to get more spacious layouts. Also, to make the entrance more welcoming, the team designed it using dark-stained wood.

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The living area is not particularly spacious but it definitely feels very open and inviting. A sofa and matching ottoman set face the wall-mounted TV and this whole arrangement occupies around half of the room. The other half features a modern fireplace with a firewood storage in the form of a wall niche, a classy Eames lounge chair and more comfortable seating.

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The kitchen is bright and airy, featuring white walls and cabinetry and a kitchen island with a table extension. All the appliances are built-in and the storage cubbies form an interesting geometric layout with yellow and grey accents.

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The light-stained wood floorboards add a warm though to the white space, emphasized by the chairs and bar stools and their simple but classic look.

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One corner of the room is occupied by a dining space. It’s composed of a round table and a set of chairs with delicate designs. The décor here is minimalist and the ambiance is casual and inviting.

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A staircase with transparent glass guardrails connects the floors. It’s a beautiful décor feature even though the design is not complex and doesn’t stand out through strong contrasts or shapes.

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The light fixture hanging in the void created by the staircase is one of the most impressive and eye-catching elements in the design. It’s as if an oversized chandelier with black trim supports a smaller version of itself.

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The bathroom is surprisingly simple and spacious. A wall niche provides storage for the essentials and the freestanding oval tub is placed in a corner facing the TV. A skylight brings natural in and opens the space even more.

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A surprising detail is the fact that the bathroom and the walk-in closet are linked. The shower and the closet split a space in two but they remain separate.

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The two sinks and the large vanity and mirror are interesting choices for this bachelor home. The vanity is wall-mounted and almost touches the floor. The same strategy was applied when installing the tall cabinet in the corner.

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