Beautiful Bachelor Pad Designed Like A Big Puzzle

Responsible for many unique projects, Martin Architects is also the company that designed this unique bachelor pad found in Kiev, Ukraine. The company was founded in 2006 and puts harmony and conceptual integrity high on its priority list. This means that every little element is part of a unique puzzle that defines each project.


The project was completed in 2015 and the apartment has a total surface of 1,237 square feet. The focus was on creating a space that’s first of all functional and practical. However, this didn’t mean forgetting about the little details that make any home charming and welcoming.


The architects didn’t want this to be a fortress of solitude, although it can be at times, but rather a place where the owner can feel comfortable both alone and with company. A beautiful expression of this concept can be seen in the design of the living space.


The living area is a long and narrow space that’s connected to the kitchen, dining area and the bedroom. It shares a sliding glass partition with the sleeping area and a long bar with a built-in fireplace separates it from the kitchen and dining spaces.


Exposed ceiling beams, exposed brick walls and raw finishes and materials are all elements that define this particular portion of the apartment. A patchwork rug is a good source of color for the room, being complemented by a modular sectional featuring shades of white, gray and mustard yellow. The bar ends with a sculptural column that gives character to both adjacent spaces.


A hanging chair placed in the corner, by the large arched window is another carefully selected detail that, combined with all the others, gives this apartment a really welcoming and comfortable look.


The kitchen and the dining area share the space beyond the bar. In here, you can find a green wall. It has a grid wooden structure that provides planters and the result is a fresh and unique addition to a rather simplistic and rough décor.


The modern dining table and geometric chairs are complemented by an industrial-inspired light fixture. The space has a large window similar to the one in the living area and an exposed brick wall. The wooden ceiling and the red accents combined with everything else described so far create a very pleasant ambiance.


The bedroom is, as mentioned, connected to the social areas by a glass and metal partition. It has a wood-paneled wall that matches the floor and a large walk-in closet that’s neatly organized with open shelves and drawers.


The bed is framed by two hanging pendant lamps and two wall frames designed to turn them into focal points for the room. On the opposite side, the bedroom features a window nook that serves as a study or home office.


Nothing is left unfinished here, even if some features deliberately look that way. The bathroom areas are just as interesting and charmingly simple as the rest of the apartment. A large mirror covers most of a wall and a large counter and a wreath complement it. A single washbasin is placed on it and the rest of the bathroom features textured walls and a freestanding copper tub with red cord lighting above it. A series of wooden crates are stacked in the corner and they’re an intriguing addition to the room.