Modern Architecture Office Promotes Task-Oriented Design

When Hillam Architects had to design their own office, the team had to use their knowledge and all the great ideas we’ve gathered in their over 20 years of experience. The studio was founded in 1993 by David Hillam whose understand of how people use and live in buildings and obsession with detail were inherited by everyone in the company. The company’s belief that the quality of the environment we live and work in directly influences the quality or our lives has always inspired the team to give their best.

Hillam Office reception area
Hillam Office reception desk

The Hillam Office covers 200 square meters in total and is located in Australia. The studio completed the work in 2015. Like all the spaces designed by the architects, this office was meant to inspire and elevate as well as to exceed the expectations of those interacting with it. Always aiming high, the architects always manage to impress but not by being opulent or dramatic but rather by keeping things simple and perfectly adapted.

Hillam Office open work space

This is an office designed as a multi-layered and dynamic space. It had to be this way in order to suit the needs of those using it. The architects wanted this space to promote activity-based design, to be a workplace defined by flexibility.

Hillam Office modern industrial vibe

In order to get this kind of flexibility, the team designed a series of openable spaces which extend into a large open area. This allows them to be used by various persons in various ways, depending on the task.

Hillam Office kitchen area connected to workspace
Hillam Office kitchen and dining room

The large open plan space was furnished with height-adjustable desks and work stations which allow the users to either sit down or stand up while working. In addition, because collaboration is very important in this case, a series of open shared zones were included in the design, allowing professionals to work in teams and change station as needed.

Hillam Office work stations in open space

The interior design of the office has a modern industrial vibe, featuring exposed concrete surfaces which have been painted, textured areas and restraint palette of materials which mostly includes timber, concrete and glass.

Hillam Office meeting area

Another characteristic of the office is its transparency. All the spaces are connected, from the reception to the individual workspaces. This fluidity also ensures a cohesive design and a pleasant and comfortable ambiance throughout.

Hillam Office wood accents

Despite the restraint palette of materials and colors, the office is not the cold and austere space you’d expect. In has plenty of character and charm, offered by interesting combinations of textures, patterns and fun and customized accent details.

Black wall art on a for an office company