Modern Arched Floor Lamps That Really Stand Up

Floor lamps in general are not perceived as being particularly flexible or versatile so traditional interior designs usually lack this feature. In modern and contemporary design, however, things changed. That’s because a new breed of floor lamps was invented: the arc lamp. In terms of design, these lamps are really simple. They have arched shapes, hence the names derived from here and they’re really flexible which makes them particularly versatile and functional.

The best spot for the Arco lamp is often the corner of the room

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Because it’s so versatile, the lamp can complement almost any room

by Susan Gilmore

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Gets some task lighting for your sitting corner with an oversize floor lamp
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The sculptural form of the lamp makes it perfect for minimalist decors

The sculptural floor lamps provide the same effect as overhead lighting but in a more stylish and flexible form. Their long arching necks provide you with the task lighting you need wherever you need it. The lamps can be placed over sofas, beds, desks and dining tables. Because they feature this oversized look, they best suit large spaces but they can also serve as statement pieces is small rooms.

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You could even give up the living room chandelier and get a lamp instead

by House & Homes Palm Springs

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If you’re planning a remodel, put some money aside for this gorgeous lamp
In large spaces, the lamp seems less imposing

by Twist Tours

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There are numerous designs and variants for the lamp, each with their own particularities

by Phillip Ennis Photography

The Hive Kai Arc floor lamp features an eye-catching lampshade

by Joe Fletcher

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Some models are a little bit more ornate yet still simple and elegant
You can add style and color with an arched floor lamp, especially in a simple décor

by Emily Minton Redfield

Pick a lampshade that matches the color palette and textures used in the room

by Rn interior design

Why have one gorgeous lamp when you can have two? Opt for symmetry

by Stephanie Wohlner

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Or go for contrasts and pick something that stands out
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Perhaps an interestingly-shaped lampshade is the missing accent feature in your home

by Jilly Harris Designs

You can never go wrong with black, especially if there’s already an accent color

Photo by Brandon Barre

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And if you really want something different, make your own arc lamp

The Arco Floor Lamp is an iconic piece and exactly the type of lamp we’re talking about. It has a shiny stainless steel finish that gives it a sleek and modern look and a marble brick base which provides stability for the extra long neck. It has an iconic design and an ingenious form and this earned it a spot in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. Its exquisite design inspired numerous other creation and even a whole range of DIY projects designed to mimic its beautiful look.