Modern Apartment Renovation Revives Its 19th Century Character

In 2014 a 19th century apartment from Barcelona, Spain got completely restructured and redesigned. It was a project by Barcelona-based architect Sergi Pons who, up until 2006 worked as a collaborator and then started running his own architecture and design studio.

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In the process of creating this new apartment design, he exposed the open space that now defines the apartment. He also revealed and brought back to life the original wooden beams and the stone walls that give the space its strong character. The materials used here are pure and include, stone and wood as well as the hydraulic mosaic that gives the impression of a carpet. Long leaf pine was used for the beams and local stone for the walls.

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A geometric white cube was placed at the center of the apartment. It contains the kitchen and the bathroom. The walls of this structure don’t reach the ceiling. Up here, the owner’s two cats found their favorite seating spot.

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The bathroom has a window that faces the bedroom. It also exposed the white bathroom to the textured stone wall and lets in all the warmth.

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This white cube was strategically placed here. This way it gives privacy to the bedroom by separating it from the rest of the open plan and it helps maintain spacial and visual continuity throughout the apartment.

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The bedroom, although small, feels very open and airy. An opening in the wall gives it access to the balcony. The wooden flooring in the bedroom contrasts with the mosaic tiles and the bathroom. The large windows let light get in and illuminate this whole area.

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The kitchen and the bathroom are separated by a mirrored backsplash that adds dimension to the space and makes the wall covered with local Montjuic stone stand out even more. The kitchen island/ bar acts as a buffer between the kitchen and the living space. The living area is bright and filled with natural light coming through the windows. This light also inundates the hallway and the kitchen.

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The room is L-shaped, with the sofas and built-in shelves hidden out of view. The contrast between the white walls and accent stone wall and ceiling creates a really warm and comfortable ambiance. Tiles between the wooden beams make the design more interesting and authentic.

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The original layout of the apartment showed a space full of partition walls and hallways where everything seemed to have been placed at random. It’s why the architect decided to take drastic measures and start a complete remodel.