Modern Apartment Featuring A Swedish Decor

Stylish & extremely comfortable this apartment is focused on modernistic accessories and furniture with plain but interesting shapes for adding flavor to the room. Window treatments for the Modern home decorating style should be light and minimalist – consider using nothing at all or a simple valance.

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The first impressions are always when you open the door first .In this case, it can not be better. As soon as we opened the door and glimpsed the hall with the assumed ceiling height, it feels like we’ve found home.

Modern Apartment 1

Modern apartment designs focus more of the functional and practical aspect and less on the purely decorative part. So very often you see designs that are not necessarily interesting or very sophisticated and elegant, but that meet the user’s expectations and satisfies their needs. This apartment is a combination of those two directions. It’s modern and practical but it also has a beautiful and appealing side.

Modern Apartment 1

There are some very beautiful details that complement the overall image. For example, the kitchen has a very simple and very beautiful lamp. The bedroom is very inviting and looks very comfortable. It’s one of the simplest rooms of the house. Overall, it’s a quiet and moderated design.

Still, this doesn’t make it boring. Maybe just a little too plain, but this is a minor detail that can be easily fixed with some colorful and fun decorations and adjustments.