Modern apartment with an Asian-inspired interior

This apartment is exquisite and there are many reasons for that. One of them is the theme of the décor. There’s a very strong Asian influence in the interior design of this space and there are many details that stand out. The Asian influence comes from designer Wu Chengxian who is responsible for this splendid project.The apartment combines minimalist contemporary elements with Asian-inspired details and the result is a beautiful and well-balanced mix.

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The color palette is very fresh, serene and delicate but strong enough to make a statement.There are many different shades, not always easy to combine. In this case they are beautifully spread around the apartment and balanced with the accessories and the accent features. The background is neutral and somewhat warm. The blonde wood tones and the grey tiles are the perfect shades to complement all the other elements.

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The atmosphere here is very calm and serene and this is partially due to the fresh plants that were used for the décor. Living greenery is very important for the whole design. It provides a soft and serene look that balances beautifully the modern lines of the furniture. The light is also a very important factor for the décor. The light here is very gentle and soft and gives a warm glow to the space that complements nicely the wood features.