Modern and stylish summer house in Brazil

Simple, modern and stylish, the Iporanga House sits quietly in the region with the same name, Guarujá, SP, Brazil. The house was a project by Nitsche Arquitetos Associados. It was designed as a summer retreat, a condominium to complete the collection of summer houses from Sao Paulo’s coast. The structure is situated in a protected and also very well preserved area so building it was a challenge.

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The client requested a house that would occupy as little floor space as possible. At the same time, he wanted the house to be spacious. He had some precise requests. For example, the client wanted 5 suites. One of them needed to be designed for a couple, three others for the children and one for guests. In order to make those wishes come true, the architects working at this project came up with the following design: a three-level structure with a suspended volume and 5 suites featuring wood structure.

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One level includes the social areas such as the living room, dining room, the kitchen and the pool. Underneath this level there’s the ground floor. This is a rather small and enclosed area, a service level. It includes a laundry room, a deposit and a living area with a house keeper couple.

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The private volume features a wood frame and it’s situated on the upper floor. The middle area is an open space with sliding glass panels and views of the forest. Even though building the house and coming up with a designed that would respond to the client’s request was not as easy as it could have been, the final result is a masterpiece.{pics by Nelson Kon and found on contemporist}.