Modern and stylish kitchen upgrade

The kitchen, unlike the rest of the rooms such as the living room or bedroom, needs total renovation. You can’t just change things one by one. It’s best to wait until you can give it a complete makeover. This way you can also replace the electronics and things like fridge, oven, etc if it’s the case. This kitchen is one of those cases. It recently got an upgrade and it’s now almost unrecognizable.

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The kitchen was transformed into a completely different space and it now has a professional look. Even though the layout and internal structure remained the same, it’s hard to picture the old décor when you’ve seen the new one. One of the most important priorities for the owner of the kitchen was to get the microwave off the counter. It was not a functional décor and the microwave oven was occupying precious counter space.

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The microwave got a new home after the remodel. It’s now sitting on the island. Another important thing the owner really wanted to do was get rid of the space above the cabinets. In order to do that, she added decorative moldings. She also felt like the old kitchen didn’t offer enough storage space so she added open shelves to help with that. Of course, there were some changes in style as well. The kitchen now looks more professional, more modern and elegant. The colors also help with that.{found on remodelandolacasa}.