Modern and stylish interior décors by Thomas Kröger

Thomas Kröger is a Berlin-based architect whose style is very easy to recognize. He likes to use clean and clear lines and he enjoys mixing apparently opposite elements. He is known for his ability to create minimalist decors with colorful accents. His specialty is contemporary designs. These are just a few of his creations. As you can see, they are all very different. Each design was created specifically for that particular space and, even though the basics are the same, the results are completely different.

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Regardless of the type of space, the style is basically the same. The decors are contemporary, with minimalist lines, minimalist furniture and with a very subtle and interesting combination of colors. Strong colors are not avoided but embraced. For example, a red hall with red walls and doors is not unaesthetic but mysterious and intriguing. It’s the same for black and white.

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You’ll notice that most of these decors involve spacious, open rooms. It’s because contemporary homes are usually like that. However, this doesn’t mean that small rooms can’t benefit from the same treatment as well. It all depends on the dimensions, the shape and orientation of the room. Probably the most impressive design from those presented in the pictures would have to be that huge kitchen. It’s like a dream. It seems very large and airy and that’s also because of the minimalist furniture and lack of unnecessary elements.

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Another great thing applicable to all the designs is the attention to details that becomes visible once you take a closer look at the spaces. Even though it might seem like a random choice, each element has been very carefully chosen. IT’S the same for the colors, textures, shapes and all the combinations resulting from there. All these spaces are a great source of inspiration. They might be hard to replicate without the help of the designer itself but it’s nice to dream about it.