Modern and Stylish in White Apartment With Bursts of Color

Creating a chic and stylish interior design for your home is actually not that difficult, especially if you prefer a simple style. A very nice example in this case would be this stylish apartment. It has a modern interior design and it stands out with its smart and functional interior. As you can see, the color palette is not very diverse. The main color used here would have to be white. It’s complemented by bursts of color in the form of artwork and other accent pieces and accessories.

White Interior Apartment 2

The living area is a very chic space. It has white walls, wooden floor and a very nice choice of furniture. The sofa is simple and comfortable and doesn’t take much floor space, thus allowing the room to feel airy and spacious. The hanging pendant lamp is very nice and simple and it complements the décor is a subtle way. The pops of color are nicely introduced and well distributed throughout the room, creating chic focal points.

White Interior Apartment 3

White Interior Apartment 10

White Interior Apartment 9

White Interior Apartment 8

White Interior Apartment 7

White Interior Apartment 6

White Interior Apartment 4

White Interior Apartment 1

White Interior Apartment 5

The dining area is part of the main living space, situated in the corner of the room and featuring elegant black chairs around a wooden table. The combination of textures and colors is very pleasant. The bedrooms are located on the southern end and they’re also very pleasant, inviting and tranquil. The kitchen is spacious and it opens onto the living room. In addition to a chic interior, this place also has large windows that provide nice views of the courtyard.